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All lug nuts are off. There seems to be something in the center of the wheel holding it on.
the heater hose is hot on 1 side going to the heater core, but cool on the other side. How do you get to the heater controls under the dash? Is there a valve controlling the flow of coolant going thru the heater core?
I've replaced pvc line and still the code remains the same.please help me.I also have that issue with when I turn on my lights head or park my dash lights goes out.
replaced a/c compressor, condenser etc and now wont start. Double checked all wires etc. all hooked up found I had 3 volts to fuel pump but no pressure at fuel rail so I replaced the fuel pump Still wont start Do ...
Oil is leaking into my overflow, been cleaned out and a sealant put in, it helped for awhile. Has never over heated but heats up if i have to idle too long. Then cools down when moving. Dont want to be ripped off. How...
At times it wont start after i drive it for a few hours shut it of and go to start it and it will turn over just not start. Got a code 0p300 any ideas what is causing this.
I got a new key made with a chip but it'll go into the start position but not fire. Someone said it might b the ignition column but that sounds really expensive. What should I do any suggestions?
Replaced water pump but did not help. What else could it be?
My timing belt broke while driving and I put a new one on but still there is no compression but I was told that the engine was free wheeling which means forgiving then $1500 later I was told the engine is interference
nwwds a shot because it is low, but need to know where to attach hose
I started the car and it started smoking drove 1/2 mile and pulled over. Parked it and then it wouldn't crank again. resivor tank was boiling ...
how to replace and change rotors in a 1998 Cutlass Supreme