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My repair manual does not show the type of oil pan for my vehicle,it is flat and no sump on it. It appears if I remove the starter and front motor mount I can access all the pan bolts.
Has a poof sound and has a miss when giving gas while in park.replaced starter poof noise is coming from the motor car has a chug in it while giving it gas in park. Drives fine.
The car drives fine ,but in park it chugs or has like a miss . This only happened after I replaced the starter. When I crank the car it makes a poof sound near the motor like a leak or something.help.
when i put it in drive it is starting in a higher gear. i can put it in first or second and it dosent shift. when i shift to third i get a shift and also in jus regular drive. i just had the transmission replaced so w...
it makes this sound when its idling and when driving. gets faster when you accelerate
Happened once before, does the ignition chip on the key go bad? Where is the anti theft module located?
when cool car stops every time at about 3 to 5 miles. seems like loading up. will restart and after about 5 restarts will start running more normal. gas mileage down about 4 to 5 miles per gallon. had new egr added an...
For a while i would start the car and it would take a few trys to start it once it started it would stall and then i would have to start it again now its making a really loud grinding sound when i am turning it over b...