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I have an oil leak coming from under the intake manifold at the right rear corner of engine, running down end of rear head, down engine and dripping to garage floor. It's been diagnosed by a mechanic as an oil pump d...
I need to replace the ESC module but do not know where it is.
wires in trunk coming off pump,changed ecm 2x. car wont start w new ecm, starts w old ecm reinstalled. can stop pump by disconneccoting pump wire in eng compartment to battery
I just replaced alternator cause I thought it was draining the batt. But still seems to not restart correctly
I have no problems getting it to start or restart at all runs alittle rough once in awhile
The car was running great but I drove it about a 1/4 mile, shut it off, tried starting it about a half an hour later and it wouldn't start. Got it towed home and got it to start the next day for only a minute or two b...
Starts but after ten seconds it bogs down and dies
car was runnig rough for about 2 months. A rich condition that i think was caused by a leaky intake gasket. While driving one day it stalled. It acted like it had a dead battery, wouldnt turn over. I put a wrench on t...
my transmission coolant line hose broke off from metal piece that holds and clips in.it is the hose on the left side if you were facing the car
2 months ago it began putting and stalling so i added dry gas. Sinse then I`ve replaced the fuel filter,fuel pump,catalitic converter,prom,computer,transmission sensor,ignition module,and had a tune-up.What`s left?
engine does not start,but if spayed with starting fuel it will run and stop there is fuel in the fuel rail with a little pressure but does not seam to be going into injectors?
were is it located on this motor cam shaft postion sensor on 3.1
Are 3.1 in a 1993 Cutlass Supreme and a 1993 3.1 Lumina non interference engines?