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A idle and stalls when you come to a stop . How do I fix this when I disconnect the battery's?
Ive owned this car for a year and a half. Whn first bought it ran fine for test drive then after buying it wouldnt start. It started the next day was taken to a shop where they couldnt find an issue, it ran fine. Sinc...
I have replaced the headlight switch. Also replaced the high beam switch.
Car has done this several times while ive been trying to accelerate. It runs fine when cold but once it gets up to temp begins to be sluggish and often stalls out. When it stalls out it wont restart for an extensive t...
i just installed new brakes to car and for some reason they are not working as they should.
it has been hesitant when accelerating.
I read where you have to flush and bleed the system. I have driven it to get the fluid to fill all the lines, but then discovered that they say you have to suspend the front wheels off the ground and work it right to ...
I pull one of tha spark plug wires and tryed to crank it and I put the spark plug wires back and it didn't wonna crank no more
I have a water leak at the back of the engine what could it be ?
I just put 2 new head gaskets in my Oldsmobile cutlass supreme and got the car to run, my problem is that now it idles very fast and doesn't want to stop, also when I put the car in drive it wants to move only 6 mph, ...
gasoline is flowing out of throttle body into the air filter box..engine won't run
I recently change the radiator.I checked the relays,it has two.I checked the fans.But when they suppose to start to blow, only one is starting.It is any range of the temperature when the second suppose to start?
The two front doors wont open from the out side but will from in side the car. How do you fix that?
Where is the low pressure A/C service port on a 3.1L?