i can't make it fit

So I took my car in to get a tune up. They guys said my spark plugs were rusted and injectors were gunked up. They changed the spark plugs wires, cleaned the injectors and everything else. Then I took my car in to have the radiator changed out again (due to faulty manufacturing) they said the fluid looked like rust color almost a milky substance. Is this my head gasket? I also have fuel in my oil :(

Car makes a high pitch sound from back of car.When car gets low in gas its louder.But when I put gas in it it quotes down?

Last night I was driving and my car just turned off 3 times. She was at 1/4 of a tank of gas. My husband told me I had a vapor lock in my fuel system. I am also blowing fuses at least 1 per week, and one of the new fuses that I put in aren't working. I did have a CRACK in my fuel line and got that fixed as well as it could be fixed. What concerns me is that car gives me no symptoms when she turns off and I fear it may be electrical. Is there anyone that can help me with this???

The ABS light has been an issue for years. New event along with the ABS light...the emergency brake is slightly engaging when I NEVER use it. Also when the emergency brake disengages the low traction light and e-brake light come on and go off. Diagnostics have been run and found nothing. ANY IDEAS??? I am at a loss with this one :(

I drove my car about 5 miles no problems with the blinkers. Got back into my car 30min later and no blinkers or hazard lights at all. No noises no flashing nothing. I know it is a possibility that the fuse could be out. I am wondering if there is a relay that I don't know about, just in case the fuse isn't the problem. Any ideas or advise would be very helpful. Thank you

car has fuel, battery is good

cant open hood

my 1994 cutlass ciera s 4 cyl runs great, except I have a problem with my check engine light it keeps coming on and off sometimes I can drive several hours before it appears on. I have had the filter replaced, and the spark plugs replaced, what can be causing this problem. Other than this problem the car runs great

Clock turns off when headlights turn on, cruise control does not work, A/C will not come on, dash lights do not come on, and speedometer/odometer do not work. ABS light is on and the turn signals flash at varying speeds when using them. All of the fuses located by the glove compartment are good to go. The little power box located near the battery with little wires coming out of it was dirty, so I cleaned the connectors (the clock was reset after reconnect) and that did not fix the issue.

getting only 3 volts to the a/c now,

stalls and chugs and has poor acceleration. when driving either far distances or stop n going. After sitting for a min will run just fine 85% of the time.