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...when the other dashboard lights are on ? I replaced the bulb in the ashtray thinking that would do it but it didn't. I also checked the fuse marked M and it was fine. Do they light up ?
car starts fine after driving about 15 minutes car dies won't restart for about 25 minutes
Changed everything I could in dealing with this problem . Car run perfect at an idle , once n gear it will shut off. Put in new fuel pump and filter no good results . Was told that the fuel pump might not be putting o...
While driving every now and then the tranny wont switch gears. Itll start whining until i let off gas.
car will also stall out when it reaches a quarter tank
car warms up stalls in middle goin 45 35 whatever just clunks out battery good alt good plug wires good fuel stuff good ?/
My car has been parked a month or row. It is running and smoking really bad . The code that showed up was a quad driver module circuit , was told that was the ECM computer would like any info possibly. Thank you for y...
had module checked checked good not tcc problem unpluged it still does same has o2 code and vss code also has ehauste leak any ideas
"I have a 93 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. Recently had a new water pump and belt put on the it. Now when I get above 55-60 mph the car begins to hesitate and begins to lose power but will keep going as long as I slow dow...
I went to check my coolant level and when I removed the radiator cap I found the coolant to be yellow and oily feeling. The coolant was a nice green color a few days ago. I have been checking it often because I noti...
I pushed the button to unlock the doors on my car and they won't unlock. Though when I push the lock button and they lock. Do you know what could be wrong? Thank you.