When I come to a stop light or sign it will cut off and it takes about 10 minutes to start again. It does it after its been driven for a while.

I have a 1992 cutlass ciera it turns off on me while diving but will turn back up .they cannot figure out what the problem is. Can some one help me.

It shuts off on me but will turn back on right away. What could it b.

I got into my 92 olds cutlass ciera and started just fine and when I went to put it in gear the gear shifter didnt catch and it just moves up and down freely and doesnt catch any gears?

idles but no gas pedel in gear

1992 ciera both battery and starter checked they are good but it wont start now i thought it was cold weather but it wont do anything not even turn over. it was having a hard time starting before this but always started

Fuel filter, air filter changed regularly. Plugs and wires replaced within 30, 000 miles. No other repairs.

battery was changed the radio wont play the vin# is163al54n0n6421977

it turns over but just won't fire. i drove it yesterday just fine but it sat over night and got cold and now it won't start. we tried ether there's heet in the fuel. only happens in the winter.

My fan isn't kicking in when temps are high.

One of the 4 relays is causing this car to not start right. It also turns the cooling fan on makes a horrific clicking sound and when wiggled effects door bell sound along with dash lights to flash which of them could be casing all of this if not maybe all of them? The car sat still for a year more than once has new battery and fuel filter plus new plugs.