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it had been doing this for months then the other day we drove approx 49 miles from home and it wouldnt restart got it home and its running fine again.any suggestions
and if i do have a spark plug that is cracked and difficult to remove how do i go about that?
cat.converter. will run for a while then die. a mechanic told me that the gas is running to rich and might be an electrical problem?? any help??
new fuel pump and newer spark plug and wires
the radio fuse does not keep my pre-set channels? what fuse should be used?
and somtime in drive.Replace the air control valve wires, plugs,still fluctuate. need help. Thank You.NO ENGINE LIGHT.
When i'm sitting idle & my car is running. i hear tapping under the hood
driving along car just stalls? happened before changed fuel filter and fuelpump kept stalling. changed crank indicator kept stalling found a bad elect.ingector seemed to solve problem until today it did it again 5 mon...
weregetting no spark to engine, would'nt start. replaced the IGN control and all three coils. now after driving the car for a few miles (3-5) the service engine light comes on and she shortly thereafter dies. won't...
working on my Cutlass Ciera finally after a long time leaking every i went. finally got the pump removed and we me and my good friend were so happy we forgot , to mark the bolt so now were very confused were they go c...