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replaced ignition module car started ran for a day and died no fire replaced ignition module and all 3 coils still no fire
no power at driver control. I've checked fuses. is there a relay or module to check? driver switch won't roll down any windows,rear will work when worked at rear passenger control
stall and run like hell and dies put in a new iac run good for about 2days then started all over help
will hardly pull itself up a grade more than 30mph .had same problem this spring , replaced tps and mafs no help, new plugs n wires , checked fuel pres. ok replaced coil module that seem to fix it,. for a few months...
What does this code mean. Does it mean i have a bad map sensor or map sensor wiring harness.
This repeats over and over. and bad smells are coming from car too. what could this be.
I replaced my send and return trans cooling lines and did not mark them. trans has top and bottom ports/holes and radiator has top and bottom lines, don't want to cross them up. Looks like top goes to top but not sure.
I have a 1989 oldsmobile cutlass ciera. Im having problems with it stalling out while accelerating and also not wanting to start up / start back up. Starting fluid helps when this happens but the problem keeps happeni...
Old vehicle. Most everything is stock and sat up for a very long time. But I pt about ten thousand miles so far