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I'm new at doing repairs what can cause the blower motor to stop working and how do I replace it cause the kids and I are freezing when we go places I have the part just need to know what to do and what tools are needed
I'm no mechanic but I'm broke so I'm forced to do it myself please tell me step by step how to replace the blower motor and how to check my heater core too see if its leaking I have the heater motor now from auto. Zon...
I'm wanting to replace my heater blower motor myself but don't How ccan anyonhe please gigive me stepstep by
This problem started all together . The chimes stay on for about 5 seconds every time I go forward from a stop .
I have replaced the coolant temperature sensor. The cooling fans do not come on. Have checked all fuses and relays related to the cooling fans. Have disconnected the temperature sensor while car running, both fans cot...
now is it the crankshift sensor or the could it be the cam sensor please help
reflashed a used computer did 10 min relearn still wont starttheft light on steady not flashing whats next step?
flashing. my temp. gauge started climbing from 100 to 280 in a min. i pulled over and smoke was coming out my tailpipe,there was no coolant left in tank. it will start and runs super rough and clangs a bit. what do yo...
replacing compressor and accumulator but cant figure out how to get to the accumulator
Sometimes it does this when I first start the car. I took it to my car repair man and let him have it for about a week and let him drive it and it didn't rev up on him. He also tried to hook it up to get a code and...
was told that it would be cheaper to buy another engine
the engine will turn off but not the light on the odometer or the radio it will not go past the acc on the ignition to the off setting its stuck
The car starts and runs fine, the light doesnt blink, it just stays on.
intermitent start for second and die theft light flashes when it goes out car will start