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Old switch factory, new switch came from a similar year Malibu everything works and fits but horn stays on. I left the screw out when I installed so the horns contact doesn't hit the plate the turn signal s work, but its my wife's car and she needs a horn any ideas?

It ran fine for two days and the will turn over now but only stays on for less then a minute

What do you think the problem is

on the car

If I jiggle the key & keeping trying it will work sometimes. These is happening all of the time,

The key would not turn in the switch due to the tumbler cover being loose. I put a new switch in the car, proceeded to program the switch but the light never goes out. The car starts and runs without any problems. This is a car I am working on for a customer and I don't want her to have to worry about the light. What can I do?

just noticed the console gets hot on the drivers side by the shifter, when driving but does not get hot all the time.
Has mechanic check underneath found nothing so far.
Just wanted an expert opinion, why this happens or if normal.
Never noticed it happening before.

I stopped and turned off the can and now I can not turn the key can't get out of gear to move it how can I fit this

So my brother left for bootcamp and failed to tell me everything that was wrong with it, so far it's been easy stuff like the break light assembly and a sending unit.. Until I go to take my driving test and they check to make sure my horn works

I had no idea it was broken, I don't even know why or how it happened since he doesn't write me back. It could have been hit too hard and broke something, he could have disconnected it for all I know..

I would just like to know the safest way to go about trying to fix it, and what move I should make first (under the hood, in the steering wheel, etc.) especially with the air bag being where it is.

Please and thank you! <3

oil leaking but not at oil filter pan bolt valve covers ? engine has a pretty profound chirping noise always not really a squeal from as might come from serpentine belt I don't think. but im a shade tree mechanic and don't know anyone have similar problems

My interiror felt on the board is dry rotted and was wondering how I could fix it without making it look bad. I wanted to maybeput gray or black felt back on but not sure if i could take the board off to do it or what.

I disconnected the battery to do some minor maintenance and when I hooked it back up the horn continues to blow. I did nothing with the horn or the steering wheel/column. I have no clue what is going on or how to fix this problem. HELP!

Happens every time a/c is used. Been happening for years but only drive once a week. When the green light on a/c button is on, the a/c is cool but it shuts off on its own. The air still blows when light is off but it is warm air. Is there a switch that would fix this. My wife wants me to add a/c but that isn't it since been doing this for a long time and if was low in when it started then it would have been empty by now.