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it died won't start.
just started today, car seems to have sunk about 3to four inches, tires are fine
new distributor cap wires and fuel pump and filter just installed sounded so awful at first air filter good as well pressure (replaced motor and transmission)
when first starting down highway. Mechanics found nothing. No warning lights on dash. Clank is now louder. Does it on accelerating and decelerating. Two mechanics are stumped, including one gm mechanic
No idiot light came on, first time it has happened. I had turned the car off and then tried to turn it back on suddenly. Is it like a computer where the info gets confused and has to be shut down to reboot?
I have a 2004 Bravada AWD driven less than 10000 miles per year, and had to replace front rotors in Feb. 2009, again in Feb. 2010, and now need to replace them again. Mechanic says it is caused by the equalizer and t...
bang was heard, wrecker called, new transmission fluid put in once, flushed, put in again..
all my lights flicker while driveing or idle. when i let off the gas or push brakes head lights dimm to almost off. also when i turn on the a/c or heater there is a loud click in the dash and the rpms drop almost to 0...