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This happens periodically. with repeated tries it eventually starts. several days or even weeks of daily driving go by with no problems and then it acts up again. Today it started normally and I drive 3 hours in a dri...
We were hit on the side door, no external damage was noticed but the windown falls down the door slot. I have manualy pull it up and tape it up to hold it there.. When I push the the up/down button, you can here a mot...
the car beeps a few times with all the above symptoms and will not shut off.
Sat in the garage all winter while gone south. Has worked on and mostly off the last two wks. How do I repair ?
button. Taking the key out the blower motor continues to blow?????
Code is B0017. Passenger front deployment loop open. Any recommendations to repair?
It keeps ram x 1000 when I drive
coil closes, auto air works. coil heats up causing an open circuit. Can the coil be replaced?? How much??
rusted now need front brakes and front rotors rusted and back rotors are rusted
rotors rusting moisture contamination, struts replaced among other things not driving any where or putting it in any condition where problems should occur I baby it
has been doing this for over a week i fill up with gas and it does not register
and when i turn the car on it makes noise, sound like a fan blowing.what can i do to fix the problem