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Also I was told to smell oil dip stick for smell of gas,sure enough it smelled like gas, and sometimes it will smell like rotten eggs or sulfur when starting
Now have to pour gas in throttle body to start.runs good while stated.it dies when I come to a stop applying brakes
started fine,wife went to store,came out of store car won't start.i went and jumped it,it turn's over to a point,then jamnd after it sat for about an hours like it's out of time.i did this a couple of months ago,and i...
i removed drivers side axle and re-expanded ring but axel pops out on it's own
I have replaced the right front ABS speed sensor according to the error code I received. I have also checked and cleaned the EBCM Ground located on the frame beneath the driver's side door. Is there a way I can clear ...
I have been told to replace valves on sides of transmission but when ask auto parts store they don't know what you are talking about. Is there a place that will work on bravada transmissions?