Replaced EGR & ECM and still is on. Where to check for low voltage to EGR

Squeak is worst when turning or driving over bumps

It has 200,000 miles on the odometer. It has not been in any accidents.

Also how do you know if you need a fuel pump because i can barely pump gas only a few bucks but i know i need more. So i barely push the gas nozzle to get some in and it overflows. Plz help

drive shafts turn

it doesn't matter if I ease on the brakes or if I stomp on them. it only does it when the car is being driven. it doesn't do it when its in park. I have had several places run diagnostic tests through it and it shows there are no problems.

Looking for fuse link that supplies current to heater fan resistore. No power going to control module located that controls heater blower.

Feels like it's in a lower gear.

Also I was told to smell oil dip stick for smell of gas,sure enough it smelled like gas, and sometimes it will smell like rotten eggs or sulfur when starting

Now have to pour gas in throttle body to start.runs good while stated.it dies when I come to a stop applying brakes