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How do I reprogram computer on 1998 0ldsmobile bravada? How much does it cost to flash ecm?
Today I noticed I had ice sickles hanging from the bottom of my suv. I attempted to knock them off and noticed that one of them was just swinging. I looked under my suv closer and saw the ice was attached to a black r...
Has a new fuel pump and presher regulator has good fuel presher was driving down the road when it stalled out I'm getting spark as well
It idles rough every time I start it for a couple minutes and then runs fine.
I just recently had the o2 sensor and main sensor replaced. this is the first time this has happened.
its stuck in four wheel and did all the diag to get to the motor as a culprit.
after charging system the Freon only last a couple of days . Using a 134a leak detector I am not picking up anything . I will be taking the shell off of the evaporator next to check it , but was wondering if there is ...
Mechanic says it is between engine & transmission & he would have to drop transmission to fix. Would it be okay to add a no leak additive?
My car used to blow hot air out the vents like it was stuck on auto all the time in summer and winter while driving even if the heater turned off. The control would also still work going from 1 to 4 as well. During ...