It just started doing this and when it hits 210 all it will do is just rev up. Can anyone help with this problem?

Brake pedal to the floor, making a clicking noise. New brake pads on front. Do I need rear too is this the problem?

I have some smoke rising from the back of the engine. I believe its coming from near the left valve cover ( seating in drivers seat) and near the brake booster. Its not from the valve cover. I just don't know where its coming from and it only appears once engine is warm. Anybody have any ideas?

I just recently pulled the engine to perform repairs, after I put it back in and hooked everything up, checking for proper connections and the correct installation procedures where used along the one, when I go to start it, it turns over four or five times and then stops with a clunk

all cooling system has been replaced.compression for head gasket problem Hear water slushing behind firewall,but no moisture on floor.Using 1 gal coolant a day.No leaking anywhere.Replaced radiator cap,hoses,thermostat,radiator No leak from water pump.What else do i chrcl for

Went out right at the beginning of winter. It came back on a couple of days later then went out and never came back on after that. A little bit of hot air comes out of the vents.

This truck will not start after sitting a while. Fuel pump runs a few seconds when you turn on the switch, but will not start. Sometimes after trying 30 or more times, t will start. It will always start if I put a little fuel in the throttle body. Truck runs just fine after it starts. I have changed the fuel filter, but no help.

Changed coil,cap,rotor,ignition control module,plugs,plug wires.

Bravada started making the noise like the key is in the ignition the constant humming/buzzing sound. Any ideas how to fix? Is the door not making a connection to let the ignition know the door is closed?

got towed home drain the water got spark, fuel pressure checked, timing checked, won`t start even sprayed starting fluid to try starting won`t do anything but crank over