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all cooling system has been replaced.compression for head gasket problem Hear water slushing behind firewall,but no moisture on floor.Using 1 gal coolant a day.No leaking anywhere.Replaced radiator cap,hoses,thermosta...
Went out right at the beginning of winter. It came back on a couple of days later then went out and never came back on after that. A little bit of hot air comes out of the vents.
This truck will not start after sitting a while. Fuel pump runs a few seconds when you turn on the switch, but will not start. Sometimes after trying 30 or more times, t will start. It will always start if I put a lit...
Changed coil,cap,rotor,ignition control module,plugs,plug wires.
Bravada started making the noise like the key is in the ignition the constant humming/buzzing sound. Any ideas how to fix? Is the door not making a connection to let the ignition know the door is closed?
got towed home drain the water got spark, fuel pressure checked, timing checked, won`t start even sprayed starting fluid to try starting won`t do anything but crank over
the gas tank looks like its collapsing in on itself.
Truck keeps shutting off and have to wait 5-10 minutes for it to start and then when it get's started it will go for about a mile and will shut off again. It seems to do it when it is hot and humid and after it's been...
i always thought that it was a gradual thing not all at once i did get new fluid and a filter going to change that tomarrow` will let u know
going 40 mph if i excelorate the trany wont catch the rpms go up not the speed
the trans does not want to shift at 3000 rpms you have to take your foot out of it to get it to shift it just started to do this and got rilly bad in one trip to the store
why do i have to spray starter fluid in the air take to get it started