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gave it complete tuneup.cleaned all ground cables, fuel filter, plug wires,distributor, plugs,.. it starts runs perfect for a minute then acts like you turned key off.. wont start after that unless you let it set for...
every so often for the past 6 moths it slips when starting
I have a 93 bravada it chugs while driving also I am having trouble with my batterie dying
I have a 1993 Olds Bravada with a Vortec V6 engine it has 163000 miles on it, I have taken it in for a diagnostic on why it takes off very slow sometimes, no codes come up showing problems, all the fluids are full, I ...
Where is the EGR Valve located & how do you clean it is it hard to clean
Only digital speed indicator works and lights up. Fuel, temp, oil pressure remain black. Fuse or instrument bulb problem, or do I need an entire new instrument cluster?
what needs to be taken apart. if hub bolts are renoved from transfer case can axel be removed without taking apart ball joint.does transmission have to be drained to replace axel
I need directions on replacing spider fuel injector the chilton book does not have good instructions
only the speedometer works on my electronic dashboard. Is their a fuse that is out or is the dashboard dead?
I removed one of two dome lights from the overhead compartment only to find that the lense is fixed to a plastic holder containing the bulb. I don't see how the bulb is replaced without breaking the lense or plastic h...