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My 2002 alero dies while I am driving. It restarts but kills again. No Check engine light. A few times it backfired (I think) while trying different things such as shifting into 1st, 2nd, or 3rd or reving it up in n...
Hello, so as mentioned above, my Alero's Anti-lock light, service light and traction off light comes on in reverse! It's quite a random occurrence, it happens mostly when I put the car in reverse but it also happe...
Was driving on the highway with cruise control set at about 70. All of a sudden it disengaged on its own and car start decelerating. Now does not respond to cruise control switch and will not come on. Any ideas what c...
how do i get a broken spark plug out of a 2002 oldsmobile alero, the piece that came out only has 2 or 3 threads left on it so its basically the tip stuck down in there
theres only 2 to 3 threads left on the piece that came out
at times, wont start. have to crank some times 10 times. fuel system checked. was told reset computer,didnt help. No codes showed up either. security system?? help
the security light on the dash is on when it wont fire up but when the security light is off it will fire up and start fine for about a week or two then light comes back on and car wont fire up again is there any way...
the ignition switch is going out, but I jiggle until it starts. sometimes have to leave the key in it because it wont come out. Today it ran the battery down, jumped it off, jiggled the key and now it wont go in reverse.
Upon getting everything else hooked back up, the crank locks up. Same thing happened when I replaced a water pump in a 2.4 gran am. Both cars are sitting. Help me please
I shut the car off and later that day tried to start and nothing, no power, no lights in or out. I can not even use the remote control to lock the car. I had to do this manually. where do I start.
all fan speeds work but won't switch from floor to defroster outlets.