Replaced fuel pump 2 days before this started.

Car was fine till battery was change tryed 10mint fuel filter new fuel pump does turn on going crazy what now

Seemed to lose power and died. The service engine soon and the trac off light both came on. The car did restart but when I turned the air on it stalled and died again. Both lights also stayed on. Please help.

Went to gas station half less than 1/4 tank pump will only put in a dollar worth of fuel. Gas is sitting in filler tube.

I just had a mechanic replace my radiator and fuel pressure regulator on my 2001 Oldsmobile Alero GX, 2.4l engine. After he was done, the speedometer gage is now stuck past 140 mph. It was perfectly fine until yesterday. Car has 369742 miles. If it is a broken gage, how difficult is it to fix it myself. How much to get it fixed. Thanks for your help with this sudden frustrating situation.

80.00 hour labor. Minus price of mounts
For a 2.4 engine. 2001 Alero. Engine diagnostics done.

Light still comes on - NEVER when driving around town in 3rd, but ONLY when on highway in OVERDRIVE.

Well the light u control with dimer

While driving sometimes all the dashboard indicators light up, such as traction control and anti lock. When those indicators are lit the transmission shifts violently but shifts fine when the indicators are not lit. Happens almost every time I drive the car and bumps in the road can often induce this problem.

How can I tell if the radiator or water pump needs to be changed? Coolant leaks out underneath and the light comes on on my dash. It doesnt show that the car is getting hot but on the gage it does and a little bit of smoke came out from underneath the hood and it felt hot. I put coolant in the resvoir and most of it leaked out without the car being started with in 7hrs or so.