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engine coolant light always comes on and I put engine coolant still over heats and I notice there is oil like over the engine thick mostly every where
I crashed and my airbags went off, I replaced the windshield and got 2 new ones, I know I have to replace the sensors but don't know where they are or how many there is, and after I replace them, what do I have to do ...
Don't happen when car is still and idling. Not noticeable all the time.
stalling out and has a gas smell in the oil
I have recently replaced the steering pump and the pressure and return hose, but now I see that I'm leaking fluid still but it on the passenger front. Can someone help
plugs and fuil filter, thinking maybe coil pack? any ideas?
My low beam headlights wont work at all I checked the fuses they were fine, and the relay is fine.
I have no way to charge my cell phone and there are 2 sockets in the car and neither of them work.
becuz the car will crank over, but wont start. Checked everything fuses good, fuel filter good,,etc.
Car hard to turn. Checked the power steering fluid and it was empty. Added fluid and waited a few minutes. Tried to drive and it was still hard to turn. Fluid is still there that I replaced. It turns very hard.