Lever is loose. Has worked intermittently. Steering wheel is now stuck in fully upright position. Is this a relatively easy home fix? If so, how?

i just need to know what's wrong asap and how much to fix it

If I give it gas it will start and as long as I keep my foot on the gas pedal it will continue running but soon as I take my foot off the pedal it cuts off.

This was the first time the horn went on by itself.
The turn signals have not been working consistently for months.

I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero and want to check fluid level in transmission, should car be running or off?

The service engine soon warning light comes on.

Will the engine interchange an work if its 2001oldsmobile alero engine trying to be put in a 2000 Oldsmobile aleroengine

I was driving and the car started to spit and sputter and it just stopped running all the fuses for fuel pump is running and i can hear the fuel pump running but car will not start everytime i have tried to start the car since then i smell gas but the car wont start.

My fan just stopped working so it will not blow Ac or heat Can it be a blown fuse or bad resistor? I already have an electrical thing going on when I step on the brake the security system starts flashing &li9ghts odometer blue light & milage