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Leaking coolant from coolant tank hoses which is connected to radiator surge tank, of low coolant tank connector need to replace how do you do it, need help suggestions anyone
car was sitting for about a month, so of course in the cold the battery died. We charged the battery up and the car would turn over and run for about 2 secs and then dies it keeps doing this it also is pulsing all the...
Had faulty ignition bought new ignition switch and cylinder reinstalled and broke park lock cable in reassemble. Car turns over but won't start also noticed I blew the 30? Or 40? Amp fuse labeled ign.
How can i change the ignition switch without having the keys
Single popping sound heard and felt in steering wheel when turning the steering wheel happens even when car is not moving but I turn the wheels both ways and here a pop turn some more and another pop ect...? Also was ...
I have replaced the right front wheel bearing
I looked under the backseat already and I didn't find one. Does this vehicle even have one?