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Have spark, fuel gauge is good, fuel injector pulse is good, but the engine dies IMMEDIATELY after it starts. Did notice that when spraying carburetor cleaner into the intake manifold it would idle, but die as soo...
I am not sure of how many spark plugs are in my care and how long it takes to replace them?
there is no connection between the by pass lock mechanism and the computero- does it mean the mother board is out of service and does it mean it needs replacement?
checked all fluids appears to be no leak since initially begain to get hot pulled over oil loss reading empty sign of 'blow splatter residue' on top after filling with 4.5 quarts to fill to top of dip stick then dri...
loss of oil but then later shows too much
poss gasket or pc valve was empty on oil filled & hasnt leaked since but shows overfull
I want to make sure my car has enough oil. Should I put more then 5 Qts of oil in my car or is that enough???
how do I remove key it?
T.S. Flasher clicks w/switch in off position. R&R switch with new one. no change
trying to change heater core but don't know how or what to do
if i change the oil pump in my car what else do i have to change
went to gasstation yesterday and when came back out car wouldnt start dad replaced starter that oreillys said was fried and still wont start lights on dash, radio and headlights all work makes no noise or anything whe...
Whenever it rains, water gets into the passenger doors and I have to open the doors, hold back the seal on the bottom of the door and drain it out.
It doesnt work need help locating it.
after replacing fuses tail lights and dash lights go after every 7-10days. my husband has tested the wiring replaced bulbs and fuses and problem still is there any suggestions?