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Read a lot of posts about pass lock problems and mine does the same thing. Starts for a second then stops. But I have no dash lights. If I put the key on and wait for the dash lights to illuminate most times it wil...
were is the oil sensor located at in a 1997 oldsmobile achieva?
Heater and everything inside works fine, just not sure what could be, hoping not head gasket.. any suggestions?
We have an achevia 97'. The only key we got with it was the one someone had cut from the original. We just got the car. We got the car home. I parked it and went in the house for a little bit then went to leave and th...
My car is 17 years old with power steering. Last month there was an ice storm with cold weather (temps were about 10-20 degrees F)and she sat outside in covered parking for 48 hours. I started her engine and let it ...
Yesterday for the first time my 97 Achieva stuck in park, and would not release. My son was with me, and lifted the shifter panel, and pulled on a small plastic roller while holding the shifter button, and applying br...
where is the intake gasket on a olds achieva v6
everytime i drive it has the trouble getting up to speed and the stalling happened last night
how much will it cost?
Just went in to have power steering pump replaced and the replacements (they have put two on) wont pump the fluid. The car has no power steering at all. The fluid is not being transferred or moved.
Hello I would just like to know how many cylinders my 1997 oldsmobile achieva have? Thanks
the car looses all of the coolant. it is hard to tell where from.