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I broke the key off in the ignition. The year of my car is not listed. I used 1990 to fill the field. My car is actually a 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88.
I was driving home from work the other day when my blinkers stopped working as well as the indicators. When I turn my emergency/hazard lights on the blinkers and indicators do turn on and flash repeatedly as they shou...
It's been extremely cold and I used a container of heet for the fuel line twice. Any other suggestions?
It shoots this code after exactly 16 miles from a cold start every time. Then, it restarts fine and runs fine for the trip home almost 30 miles.
Once I did that the car runs great. But now it seems as though I have no power and I smell brunt oil and the transmission seems to not want to change properly. What could cause these problems? Before changing the MAF...
Manual shows it on top by the throttle body on similar models, it is not there on my model car.
as of 2 days ago the check engine light will flicker and if i do not let off the brakes the engine will die it seems like a electrical issue as the speedo drops rapidly and the aftermarket radio cuts out loosing ...
transmission fluid dipstick is dry. i have put in 2 qts. already. how much does it hold?
I am able to take the key in and out of the ignition and the annoying beep still goes when the door is open but the key will not move to start the car. What should I do?
Engine starts only if temperature is above 45 to 50 degrees
car won't start back firers to air filter