BMW 530i Problem Report

BMW 530i Burning Smell or Oil Drips on the Ground Due to Engine Oil Leak

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Valve cover gasket leaks are common after 60,000 miles. Symptoms will include oil drips under the vehicle and burning oil smell from the engine compartment.

Oil leaking at rear of valve cover onto rear exhaust manifold. Also found exhaust manifold gasket broken. The dealer wants $1200 to replace bothe gasket sets. I'm going to attempt to replace myself and save $1100. -
leaking oil on the ground -
oil leak around valve cover drips on manifold causing strong burning oil smell. i would like to know how hard it would be to replace myself. -
Oil leaking from under the engine. Replaced valve cover gasket. -
im a mechanic, this is the boss man car. i replaced the gasket, Felpro-vs50626-r on 1/6/10,162xxx miles, im replacing it today, 11/15/10, 180764 miles,yes,he racks up the miles.the oil seems to be getting out between the rubber gasket and the plastic v/cover, not from under the gasket and aluminum head. im going see if he will spring for a new v/ "old school", i like STEEL. -
buring smell smoke -
Burned oil smell due to power steering fluid leak at the hose and engine oil at valve cover. Replaced valve cover gasket, replaced power steering. hose, replace power steering cap o-ring. -
oil smell and drops of oil on the ground under car. -
I had the same problem. Had to replace the gasket. cost $600 -
Smelled burnt oil, looked for a solution. Went to replaced valve cover gasket and I also found a crack in the valve cover. -
Oil leak with visible drips on concrete garage floor, oil residue and build up around oil pump, constant smell of burning oil. Took it to dealer, replaced all seals and gaskets. After 2 weeks, the problem is back so I'm taking the 2002 BMW 530i back to the dealer today!! -
Replace gasket -
it was leaking oil and had a burning smelling. i changed the cover gaskets and problem solved -
Oil leak under engine on the garage floor, no smell. -
Problem was oil smell, faulty valve cover gasket in my case, replaced the gasket with some permatex ultra black gasket silicone and problem was solved (I had to grease the half-moons with it so it stops leaking). Sometimes the plastic valve cover may be warped too but it wasn't the case with my problem. -
oil leak from lower engine area -
I have a very small oil leak from what appears to be the bottom of the engine, I cannot see any oil leak from the top. You do get a light oil burning smell from the engine when you push the engine but only from outside the car. Anyone know what the problem might be? Look forward to your help and advice -
Valve cover gaskets leaked oil, replaced all -
Bought the car used have brought it back for oil leaks 5 now 6 times. Oil leaks in driveway and smells of burning oil. -
Dealer identified oil pan gasket leak -
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