Dodge Neon Problem Report

Dodge Neon Oil Leak May Develop at Cam Sensor O-Ring

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An engine Oil leak may develop at the cam sensor o-ring seal. Our technicians tell us this is often misdiagnosed as an external head gasket leak.

Not sure if car is 220L or 220L DHOC, but this is my problem. -
I change my cam sensor in my Dodge Neon 2002 and I still get the same code which is 0340there was a lot of oil in the plugs when I did change it to and still is kinda is that a problem or what can be the reason. its not starting still -
I thought my cam position sensor seal was leaking but after closer inspection I found it to be a leak from the PCV valve which sits just above the CPS. I took the PCV valve out, cleaned everything well and applied a liquid sealer to the PCV and reinstalled. No problem since. -
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