Volvo V70 XC Problem Report

Volvo V70 XC Oil Leak From Turbo Return Pipe Seal

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The turbocharger return pipe seal may develop an oil leak. The leak can begin very small, but will eventually progress into a large leak. Our technicians recommend having this repaired at first signs of leakage.

Oil leakage determined at scheduled 5K service and inspection. Dye and visual inspection done. Repaired seal -
Oil leak check engine light -
Mechanic called it the turbo run back tube.It was repaired along with an oil change. The cost was 265.00 -
The seal leaked on mine as well, replaced without the need to remove the beval gear. One dealer quoted a repair cost of $340.00, another dealer quoted $175.00 local volvo shop did if for $150! No more oil spots under the car. -
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