Nissan Quest Problem Report

Nissan Quest Engine Stall and/or No Start Condition

(24 reports)

The distributor shaft bearing can become rusty, and seize causing the engine to stall or not start. The failed distributor will commonly require replacement.

while driving car on freeway and after off the freeway the car dead suddenly. tried start ignition key and engine crank 7x attempt.The engine will not start at all.please help to solve this problem.Thanks RepairPal for help -
the engine is not starting when the ignition key is turned on, only the lights on the dashboard is showing, radion turns on but the engine does not start. -
no spark from coil wire replaced new coil and still same problem no spark on coil wire -
engine stalls when the throttle is pressed down, sometimes doesnt start, sometimes it drives ok. could it be bad fuel or maybe spark related -
Replaced the bearing in the top of the distrubutor. No one lists this as a servicable part but I measured what was left of mine and was able to get a replacement from a local electric motor rebuild shop. Less than $5.00. Go to site like VXB Bearings, type in the metric dimensions and you'll come up with the right one. Be sure it's a 2RS which means it has rubber seals on both sides. -
I couldn't fixed it -
engine does not start -
already change starter,Battery terminal check all my fuses can't found I way to fix it need some help please -
driving normal just stalls sometimes will not start -
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