Pontiac Grand Am Problem Report

Pontiac Grand Am No Start Due to Failed Passlock Sensor

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The passlock sensor in the ignition lock cylinder may fail causing an anti-theft system fault and a no start condition. Our technicians tell us that the ignition lock cylinder should be replace to correct this condition.

My 2003 Grand Am sometimes wont start. I've noticed that when it wont start, the security light is flashing. To resolve the problem I have to leave the key in the ignition with it in the "ON" position for 12 minutes to reset the sensor. The sensor light wiull stop flashing when it is reset. Then I turn the key off and then back to start. It works every time but the 12 minute wait is a pain in the ass. -
My car wouldn't start, called AAA the tow truck driver said this is a known GM problem and i had to turn the key on for 10 min and then start and which it did, why no recall for this? Seems it could be a matter of life and death if you needed to get out of some place in a hurry and it did this -
ya, it has been a problem . . . More so an inconvenience . . happens intermitently . .espencially when i'm in a hurry . . wonder if there is a way to just disconnect it or bypass the fuel cut off valve. . . is there any other alternative besides replacing the key cylinder? -
Today is the first day it happened. It is the first really rainy, wet day in a few months. The security light came on previously that day but I was able to start the car just fine three time. On the fourth start, nothing happened. I thought it might have been my starter but after reading a post discussing the blinking security light, I decided to follow the instructions. I put the key in the ignition and turned it to the acc position and waited 10 minutes until the light stayed on. I turned the key to the off position then back on and the car started. I'm happy it worked. I'm a little curious as to how often this is going to occur. I don't feel like putting any more money into the car. I think this will just be a nuissance until it corrects itself or I get a new car. -
If the Security Light comes on, the car will not start :( -
SECURITY LIGHT flashed a few days before then one day car would not start, took it to shop and they diagnosed the faulty passlock sensor. Remedy was replacement. -
This happened to me several times, and its aggravating!! -
Not fixed, security light comes on solid and goes away in different time intervals while driving, then after a couple of starts it goes in that limp mode where the security light blinks. I continuously have to wait until the light stops blinking.... It is getting worse, almost every time I stop I have to leave the key in the on position to avoid waiting for the security light from blinking....Is there an easy fix? Or recall? Somthing? It's almost worth buying another vehicle. -
The security light comes on car won't start, turn key to on position til light stops blinking then turn off and immediatly crank it up. Happens all the time. Replaced once 5 years ago it was an 800 dollar job. I'll just be late and trip the censor. -
Usually happens when alarm is engaged when I get in my car and sit in the car for a minute or two. After car is re-unlocked with the fob, never has a problem -
Car would not start. AAA checked and battery was fine. Towed to shop and started right up. Security light comes on while driving -
- when the ignition is turn to the on position is sound like it wants to start, but doesn't start - -
car would not start . security light on . -
Security system has been malfunctioning for a few years. When security light is on solid all the time, the car starts every time. That is because the security system is disabled. Only when the security system is enabled, security light off, the car has starting issues. Best way to fix is to permanently disable/disconnect passlock system. -
I had to replace the heater core. Disconnected the battery and removed the dash panel and the radio and now my car will not start. -
steering wheel wont lock out security light on they say it's the passlock sensor -
same problem -
no start due to startlock pass sensor -
Wait with key on for 11 or 12 minutes -
won't start sometimes. mechanic says failed passlock sensor. have not fixed problem as of yet. can't afford to. -
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