"No start" and stalling due to ignition module failure on Ford Bronco

Failure is very common in the ignition module, causing intermittent stalling or a "No start" condition.
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Average mileage: 160,014 (91,779–223,000)
Engines affected: 4.9L 6 Cylinder, 5.0L V8, 5.8L V8
6 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1995, 1996
15 people reported this problem
6 people shared problem details
1996 Ford Bronco- 5.0L V8220,000
My engine will stall while driving and it will not start for another 20-30 minutes and it starts again drives another 2-3 miles and it will stall again. What can I do
1996 Ford Bronco- 5.8L V8123,000
I just bought bronco and first week it cranked every time, then after putting it in shop to have a couple leaks fixed it started this. Actually cut off on way home from shop so I thought it was something they had done. Would not re-crank at first, finally got it started and took it back by shop and they tried to tell me it was related to an aftermarket anti-theft system that was causing it. It cranks most times but sometimes will not crank and I can usually come back later and crank it. It has cut off on me going down the road 3x in past week, cranked right back up 1 of the times but the other 2 it took 15-20 minutes. How to fix? How much should I expect it to cost me to have it fixed?
1996 Ford Bronco- 5.8L V8140,000
Bronco will just "die" while going down the road. After sitting for a while, it will start back up. Usually has not happened in problem traffic. I have not replaced the ignition module yet. I found this site while searching for a solution to my problem.
1992 Ford Bronco- 5.8L V891,779
Starts fine in morning. Drive 4-5 miles, stalls. Will restart after about 1 hour. Fuel pump works. I hear it run when I cycle the key.
1993 Ford Bronco- 5.8L V8168,400
Starts, dives a little and the will stall out when you come to a stop. Sometimes will restart in 20-30 mins, but will stall again. Just spent >500 to fix but still happened again today.
1996 Ford Bronco- 5.0L V8150,000
Sometimes it would start and sometimes it wouldn't. Checked everything, had the cylinder replaced, and other electrical do dads before finally installing a push button starter. Works good now.
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