Dodge Ram Van 2500 Problem Report

Dodge Ram Van 2500 No crank due to blown starter relay fuse

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A no crank condition may be cause by a blown starter relay fuse. If the fuse is blown and the relay circuit is not shorted to ground, our technicians tell us there is a relay and harness assembly to be installed along with a new fuse.
1996 b2500 explorer conversion van...starter will start the van but the fuse relay blows once it is started. where is the most likely cause of the short circuit. I already replaced the starter and have disassembled the steering column and have found no chafed wires. Everything looks fine. The wire from the battery to the starter looks OK. Is it possible the ignition switch needs to be replaced? Is there another part that could be shorting out that needs to be replaced? -
the problem is my truck burning the starter fuse and it wont start it burns the fuse right away -
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