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Had my car a little over2 years and frame bearings are out costing me 1,100 with the charges for labor
Sevice writer said drain and refill every 15000 miles.
Son-in-law jumped me off (Ford F-150), cranked right up and I let car idle 15-20 minutes. Asked wife to go out and cut it off. She did and tried to re-crank, nothing. She has Honda and tried to jump, Versa would ba...
I ran over a concrete median when a child darted in front of my car, now I can see that there is fluid leaking from my undercarriage and it doesn't look or smell like oil - and when I apply the brakes its making a kno...
after reducing speed from highway to a stop car feels like it sputters and wants to cut off shimmies a lil recacthes and seems fine.
knocking began at about 1200 miles dealer says it is nothing.
Looks like scratches are about 2x2 running top to bottom