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A week before it stalled with 1/4 tank of gas. put gas in and it started. then a week later the above happened. Any advice will help.
How to remove the rotor
Whats the avg. cost to replace the transmission
I had an oil change about 3 months ago and the techician showed me a leak from my oil pan and stated a I would need to get it fixed.
i think it behine glove box
The power locks only work with the remote.And the only windows that work are the rear vent windows look at fuses and they all seem good.Is there a relay or something else i should try looking at before taking it to th...
van shut off while driving with no warning...I have changed the fuel pump..(thinking that was it,,because my wife drives the thing all the time with no gas)I have changed crank and cam sensors....PLEASE HELP
I have a loud tapping noise on start up that goes away when warmed up. With a scope it sounds like it is either coming from the timing cover or fuel rail, but I am thinking it is more than likely a lifter. I am gettin...
I've been told by the dealership that I have to take it to an autobody and they need to remove the side panels in order to get to the nut and screw it back on - anyone know if it can be fixed from the inside?
ac making a hissing sound and blowing warm air. turn off the ac button and blows outside air and no hissing sound. please tell me what the problem is, and about how much to fix it.
I'm really not certain if the latch is broken or not and just may be something hung up inside of it. The latch does feel free and almost as if there was nothing catching it.