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lights are on, while in drive, the car seems to idle. What could be wrong?
this problem is every day even if I start van and wait few minutes before driving it.
passenger side view mirror is cracked and needs to be replaced.
When driving im accelerating it makes whinny noise. When im not accelerating it fine.
We were driving and when i press on the gas pedel there was no power. But when we got parked i could rev the motor but once put in any gear there was not hin g..this is the first time it happened, also the battery lig...
eng starts and run fine in idle.when cold when normal operating temp is reacher an exclerated the eng bogs down and starts to run rough. you can drive for a while a couple miles at around 50mph the it slow to around ...
I checked all the tires and the pressures are fine.
my rear running lights are not working in my van, yet brake,and turn lights work in rear.. as well as front. there are no fuses for just rear running lamps.. i just installed some lic plate lights two days ago that ar...
The BRAKE LIGHT AND VDC OFF LIGHT come on periodically. How do I fix this?
where are ther fuses
Light on speedometer and dash board lights are not turning on at night
The mileage, fuel and temperature gauge are fading out. How do I change it out?