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Timing chain needs replaced, guide broke.
Whether hot or cold there is no performance. The van drives fine all day long but if I want to pass there is no absolute get-up-and-go. No check engine light and nothing new added and no recent repairs. Histori...
the mini van will start for one day after I do the repair then it will not start the following day. after installing the fuel pump It started just fine then this morning it did not start a day later
Bought a new battery.. but it still blows every time help?!!!
My 2005 Nissan Quest stutters and stutters then starts and after that runs very smoothly Thank God. I am only afraid that soon it may not start and remain stuttering . No lights on dashboard and no problem while runni...
typically happens only when first starting car.
has no plug fire,no injector pulse with battery voltage too them and no codes.has 12 volts at coil connectors and its ground.only has 120,000 miles on it.replace cam sensors for an original po340 code that i no longer...
My 2005 Quest has been starting slow lately (sounds like the engine is dragging) and occasionally the right sliding door motor goes off when starting the engine. I'm thinking there is a wiring problem, but don't know...
We cannot get it open to undo the child safety lock. It won't open from inside or outside.
the van made a pop and it died, it would not restart - thinking the timing chain has broken
had catalytic conv changed on the top and a o2 sensor now i get check engine light and these codes when checked any help thanks