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2002 Nissan quest up hills wont go more then 20 mph and check engine wont come on. Can someone help me.
It is held together by a screw, but the piece broke at the threads while the car was running, and it immediately turned it off, and it will not start. I know that the timing all needs reset, but I need to figure out t...
I was driving down the highway and i felt a little buck when i exited and slowed my speed down i only had first gear than no gears and the engine wont rev up passed 2500 rpms. there are two codes a p0420 catalytic co...
Upon reaching operating temp, the engine begins to buck and stall whaen coming to a stop. Got a crank position code so I changed the sensor. Seemed to works at first but now the behavior is back just as bad as before...
Throwing an o2 sensor heater code
It started twice and now I can not get it going any thoughts please help
where is the pcv valve location
knock sensor is out after we fix the air control valve is this common
it wont start at all now,fuel problem???? i dont know where to start.hmmm
the alrm has been disable so i can be able to use my car ,but i have no inside panel lights inside the car,pleases help me i can't drive my car at nigth hav no ligths inside my my car,i pay for alarm to be disable bec...
The fan only runs on the highest speed and not on positions 1,2 or 3 only on the last speed. Does the dashboard have to be removed? Thanks
When I turn the dial to position 1,2 or 3, air does not come out and only on position 4 do I get a lot of cold air. Does that mean a sensor is out and what do I purchase and details how to fix it is needed? Thanks