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It bogs down when I push the gas pedal fast like if im passing then dies on me. Idk if its the fuel pump, injectors or fuel filter. It happens everytime i drive it.
OK, so when I drive my 2000 Nissan Quest GXE, it will randomly cut off. I lose power steering and the brakes become very hard to press. I know there is an oil seal that neds to be replaced, (it's the back one), and I'...
my clock and radio station numbers arent appearing on my nissan quest. can you please help me. also my number is 6318389631 if you would like to contact me
When am driving I go like to 30 mph and after that. The rpm's on the motor go to 5000 or 6000 and the transmision is not. Shifting.?
I have replaced brake pads, turned rotors, replaced sway bar kit, ball joints, tie rod ends... can't figure what's causing the noise.
I have a 2000 quest check engine light came on flashes then stays on sometimes flashes again(as if to remind me somethings wrong). Runs fine, no loud noises, just a slight squeaking sound around the belts - I think.wh...
First the OSD Codes - Bank 1 sensor 2 - O2 sensor may be bad. Is there only 2 - oxygen sensors on this vehicle? This would also be the one after the catalytic converter. Random misfire, should I change the plugs, wir...
sometimes when she is on the highway it sputters like it wants to shut off. What are the possible reasons for this and how can I fix it? Thanks, Garry
I hear a thumbing noise coming from my right and left door speakers when the vehicle is turned off. In a day or so the battery is drained. I've replaced the battery three different times.
problem started like a month ago. had to toll the vehicle on both occasions