It doesn't die in reverse.

Los Angeles, CA, owned it for 5 years and it's originally pre-owned

location of brain box of mercury villager 98 model

I put new plugs wires cap and rotor

I replace the fuel pump relay, started fine twice then all of a sudden nothing. Wont attempt to turn over. No dash lights. Completely dead. Battery has been checked and is at 100%. I'm hoping its just the circuit breaker needing to be reset.

To Replace The Lights

trying to figure out where # 6 cylinder is at, front of engine or firewall side

having a problem going from park to drive.. Gear shift sometimes gets stuck

I start the car, and the gear shift is hard getting out of park and into gear. I have the emission code for knock sensor.

changed timingbelt/knock sensor now haw po600

I purchased a used 1998 Nissan Quest. The fan assembly (shround) was missing and the car does not run hot. Just need to know the original size so I can replace it.