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I have a problem with the alarm system being activated with all the doors locked and when I try to open either the passenger or drivers side door the alarm will go off. I manage to disarm the alarm and able to start t...
My nissan quest runs but only runs to the limit of up to 50mph..if i increase the speed the engine sounds like it's locked,the tire kept squeeking and it is not shifting gears too.I replaced the transmission fluid,the...
my 97nissan quest is now running but it seems like the engine gets hot,nd when i push the gas it seems like the car is strggling to speed up.plse help
i took it in to smog diagnostic,and it tells me to change the cam sensor,knock sensor nd coil.Then it was running but sometimes when you slow down you have a hard time to speed it up again,then 3 motor mounts were cha...
Tired of replacing heater hoses and don't want to remove the intake (phlegm?).
the vehicle does not stay cranked. It dies when put into gear. If after several cranks I do manage to back up and and then move forward it will start jerking and stall. My mechanic thinks it is probably transmissio...
a mechanic told me that we that buy la transmission,he said the problem is the sensors. It's that true?
can anyone give me a link to where i can learn how to repair a outer tie rod
failed for knock sensor. repaired and cleared codes.
my van makes a squeal noise when i turn right and the brake light comes on and i smelled burning rubber can anyone tell me what it could be and what i have to do to fix it please and thanks
not only does it jump back and forth, it will also seems to loose power at times during the jumping around. You can slow up to ten miles an hour when it does so all the sudden, when the power comes back it shifts hard.
drove home from work no problems went out later to take kids to lake an it wont start all electrical comes on but it wont even try to start cant here nothing but the fuel pump activating