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i have put fluid in power steering and a repair fluid also, noise seems like a grinding noise.
I just bought it can you advise me on the way to make them work Thank You
failed inspection because seat is broken, helpp?????????????????
runs great when cold. after comming to norm temp begins to miss appears to be elect. at worst state the tac will lock on 1000 rpm at idle and will lock on 40000 rpm when i touch gas ped willhold 4000 rpm regardless of...
I changed the fuel pump in hopes that this would fix my moms problem but it did not. what is left to fix to correct this. i can only think of the cluster but did not want to go through the trouble if i didnt have to...
My car will not turn mostly left, it turns right a little. The steering wheel gets stuck and won't turn. My repair guy says something broke from the rack and pinion and it was dangerous to drive. He didn't have to ...
cold air suddenly stopped. blowers blow hot air. is there a fuse or could it be the relay?
My 1994 Nissian Quest stalls when trying to go and speeds up.Lately It's been losing water,overheating and quiting.Any suggestions?
Our 94 Nissan Quest has trouble starting, especially while cold. It turns over but doesn't start, usually you must floor the gas several times to get it to turn over. Once it starts it runs great, no issues at all. Ch...
When I'm driving, the gage stays at cold, goes slowly to "M", stays there for a few minutes; than goes quickly higher. After that smoke comes out from under hood.
My quest died as I was backing out of my drive,will not start but does turn over,my first thought was timing belt broke,and is my engine an interferance motor or no?my e-mail is pam_gilliam37814@yahoo.com