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I parked the truck at 1am. Returned at 7am to find that there was a fire in the steering column. How could that happen?
I need to replace it but I have been told both that it is on the upper radiator hose and the lower radiator hose. Which is it?
i have changed my o2 sensor idle control sensor fuel regulator fuel filter distributor cap and rotor,im at witts end with this truck dont know where else to look for issues.....Please help
light has been on for quite a while, went off for a few months and is now on again
I have been told of 5 different locations for it. I'm trying to verify its location before i start taking things off that don't need to be.
more frequent going up hills, after a few hours of driving, starting out from lights or other stops (gas pedal down ) If I stop and turn the engine off, the problem will go away for a while.
I dont see how any water could get in ;the truck runs great the rest of the time only has 120000 easy miles on it
it idles just fine, step on the gas it just starts surging,acclerates then stops over and over until you take your foot off the gas, then it idles fine. check engine light burned out about two years ago.
i get power back, will do this everytime i need more power. replaced egr valve and o2 sensor its better but will still do it.