I don't know the terminology 2 input for a quote on a valve job had timing chain fixed need to make sure valves are working properly

and won't stay up when i pull it up with by hand. clutch won't work at all.

cant find speed sensor

There is a constant, loud ticking noise coming from top end of the motor.

replace fuel pump?

But still key won't start it.

What can I do to fix it?

I have a 1994 Nissan truck and a 1989 Nissan truck both have a 2.4 motor in it. I am wanting to do a engine swap in my 1989 would the motor from the 1994 fit in it. The 1989 is a 4x4 single cab and the 1994 is a 2wd extended cab. Both have 5 speed trannys. Would it be possible to change the motors with out have to mess with the motor mounts?

seconds,turned screw all way back.Light flashes 4 times about every 10 seconds Found that if you turn key on turn screw clockwise while you are waiting 5 seconds light starts flashing 1 2 3 4 5 Then repeats, then if you turn screw back counterclockwise it goes back to 4 flashes every 10 seconds.

no service engine soon light on. it will also start right up again Mileage is suffering too

I am replacing timing chain,guides,tensioner and seals now.Would like to remove oil pan to remove any debrie that may be in it.Is this an easy task to do?Does the front drive shaft have to be removed?Does the back cross member have to be removed? Please help.