Idled to running temp fine.Drove it 2 miles then gage went to cold.Heat luke warm.Does not over heat.temp won't register

Even when I push the clutch ALL the way in, the starter will not engage all of the time. Is there a switch that I can replace??

Am I crazy? I want to use it to tow my 600 lb Sunline Sunspot camper.
Should I trust it for long trips? No frame rust , standard has a high scream for a few minutes when I start it. I put a small sum on it to hold it until Wed. It is 1000.00 for the truck. Hardly any body rust. Little around doors and a little blistering over the back passenger wheel panel. Also at start hard to turn wheel , I think it will build muscles. Ok, let me know if I'm crazy or get the damn thing! Liz

It will bolt up if rotate and drill

I have a 1992 nissan pickup and I am needing to know what yr nissan pickups will work for a replacement. Also if maybe the pathfinder could work for a 4 cyl????

Changed plugs distributor cap and coil still no start....any suggestions

when I drop back to 45mph the overdrive comes back an at 46 to 5omph it kicks out of overdrive....

This all happen after going through a rain storm

This truck shift through all gears just fine until I get up to about 50mph.