1990 Nissan Pickup (D21) Questions

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my TCM unit is not working will this unit i found work?

Can any parts off of a 95 Nissan pickup fit a 89

They light on panel about Brake is on

mi pickup is nissan mod.89 engine z24..automatic. tnk,s..att..pedro..fresno.


I bought this truck it ran good for a minute then started to die on me.I looked over the vehicle and seen the modulator valve busted up. The line was spliced with a rubber hose. The hose was clogged up. Could this be my only problem or what other problems could this cause

Replaced rotor, cap, wires, plugs, fuel filter on fender and MAF sensor.
Removed muffler and catalytic converter.
Also replaced the blown head gasket.
Any time the engine revs to 2750 rpm (moving or sitting still) it jerks yet up to that rpm it runs fine.

I replaced the ignition switch and the starter relay. I try to turn it over and it just clicks once from the ignition area in the cab. I also checked the clutch safety switch and it's good. I took the starter/selinoid off and had it tested, it's good. I can start the vehicle if I touch a wire straight from the selinoid to the battery, but that's a pain. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Engine stumbles on acceleration. Using more fuel than normal. Recently replaced Throttle positioning senor because it was throwing a code. Help!

Checked mass air flow sensor and crank postion sensor and i have fuel pressure and spark. What next?

Why does my truck shake under the hood? Spark plugs? Not to rough but even when I rev the engine it slightly shakes and sounds like its putting

Will throw itself into neutral when it tries to shift to drive