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I even got brand new battery and still won't start without a jump same day battery was put on, but if it warms up over 55° a day or so later it will start right up with no problem

botton of it) and lower left shaft(where two pipe connect by a clan). Pick up does not smoke when cool and the oil seems to be leaK in the engine....low mile...what to do?...It started recently...afraid to drive it.

changed the plugs and coils. battery was weak so I got a new one. worked great for two days, went to start it this morning and it wouldn't start. I put a charger on it and started it, everything went crazy the gauges were going on and off, head lights came on with the switch off. trying to cut of when driving down the road, all warning lights came on, when I got it home and turned it off it wont star again, anyone have this happen?

in cly. 1. I changed plugs and cords. the battery was weak so I replaced it. this morning the battery was dead. I jumped started it and everything went crazy. gauges started messing up and the head lights came on with the switch off and it tried cutting out when I was going down the road, 4x4 and break lights came on. I don't have a clue whats going on

when you lock the doors the horn doesn't beep like it should and I notice the same fuse must control the radiator fan to the engine fan works but the fan that cools the radiator doesn't

I get all kinds of bogus warning lights, particularly tire pressure (even though they are all at recommended psi) as well as an erratic check engine light. The airbag light sort of randomly came on, along with the "passenger airbag off" light, when driving & my daughter was bouncing a very light fluffy rubber ball off the dashboard. My wife just received a recall on her Odyssey due to spontaneous airbag deployment. Certainly don't want that to happen. Any info would help. thanks.

my frontier wont turn on and its not the battery... because the lights turn on, the radio turns on.. it just wont start

the fan from the outside..

when opening and closing the drivers side front door, it tends to drop down a little and does not close smoothly. Can this be adjusted out?