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It will crank right back up and runs great. No check engine light. New plugs, wires, cap, Timing belt.
What will cause lose of power and want start
At the same time, the dash charging port also stops and starts.
It acts like a bad fuel pump, but I think it's electrical. What could it be?
This is real obvious when I back it does'nt seem to be exhaust and I can't find anything that is overheating
Just replaced heads on my 04 nissan frontier fired it up and both sides are ticking pulled passenger side valve cover and there is plenty of oil coming out any help would be great
Ok so I got the big boy Frontier crew cab XE V6 4X4 with sport package and all. Except the supercharged( for mileage reasons). I bought it with 7 miles and have 273,000 now. So that's a little history. I was s...
I just had the heads done and now I can't get oil up to them. when I start the truck it sounds like the valves are going to explode. I pulled the valve covers and there's a very small amount of oil going to the heads....
It helps if I park with wheels turned to the right. It sticks more in colder weather (under 60 degrees).
This truck will not start and it's giving me a p0340 code if I change this sensor will it fix the problem. I checked the rotor and it is turning so it can't be the belt right?
One of the vacumelines is missing on the left side of engine where two of them come out with one pipe facing a little forward and one that points a little to the rear and that is the one that is totaly missing...thank...
It has 180,000 miles and is an automatic trans. I changed the fluid in it about 40,000 miles ago but not the screen. It shifts through the all the gears by the time I reach 40 mph. It starts to shake a little until I ...