I broke the timing belt and need to know if I need a valve job. If it is a non interference engine, then I don't need it.

Runs after replacing dist.
Then will not start again. No fire at plugs. Check all connections grounds nothing lose.
Replaced two times in two weeks. Cleared codes ran fine started this morning the shut down again with no fire at plugs

3.3 supercharged vgee

Turns over but not starting

It will crank right back up and runs great. No check engine light. New plugs, wires, cap, Timing belt.

The truck needs a motor

What will cause lose of power and want start

At the same time, the dash charging port also stops and starts.

It acts like a bad fuel pump, but I think it's electrical. What could it be?

This is real obvious when I back it does'nt seem to be exhaust and I can't find anything that is overheating

Just replaced heads on my 04 nissan frontier fired it up and both sides are ticking pulled passenger side valve cover and there is plenty of oil coming out any help would be great

Ok so I got the big boy
Frontier crew cab XE V6 4X4 with sport package and all. Except the supercharged( for mileage reasons).

I bought it with 7 miles and have 273,000 now. So that's a little history.

I was starting to replace my high pressure AC line and noticed there was not a fan. The Ac condenser fan that cools the ac system. I looked up the model and there is a fan part for this model for my truck. Even the dealership has the exact part for my truck. I took it to Nissan and asked the parts and service dept and they couldn't tell me if it was made with out the fan. I'm not sure if they( who does all my servicing) left it off during a repair or maintenance. The service dept actually referred me to the forums to find out myself. So now I'm having serious doubts about the competency of these guys.
Can anyone clear up the facts about this.
- on a 2004 Nissan Frontier XEV6 4x4 ,long bed crew cab mfgd in Dec 03'
Is there a fan for the AC condenser or is it optional or specific to only other 04' models.
The part from Nissan is 92120M, states for a VG33E only, I have a VG33 but not sure if there is a distinction of the "E" in engine type.
Any help would be appreciated.