When I drive the truck I lose power shortly after and if I continue to drive I start to loose the clutch. When it cools off it runs fine again until it warms up.I changed out the thermostat and the fans working. I do not know what to check next.

I had someone replace timing belt and now I have had to put in the shop now 3 times back once it sounded totally out of time second time noticed oil leak from the oil pan and antifreeze drops on motor what the hell did this guy do and now to get it fixed now he wants almost 4000. he has done nothing but create more issues is there a normal procedure followed when a timing belt breaks

Replaced Battery, then Starter. Truck ran fine for 2 weeks, but then stared the same problem today.

No engine codes

the battery shorted out in my truck 4clyn automatic after changing the battery the airbag light was flashing wasn't doing this prior to battery. Everything else has returned to normal fuction mileage is 106k

if it is a chain does it need to be changed.

it won't start all the lights come on when I try to start the lights come then nothing else happens no sound no ticking nothing

It's obviously an electrical issue but what's causing it? A couple months ago I noticed when I would turn the ignition on, the airbag light would come on for about 10 seconds and disappear. Now my door locks are randomly locking a d unlocking and my hazard lights came on and went off while I was driving! All this happened today without any issues prior to this afternoon...

I was running down the road and engine dies. Now makes a clicking noise. It will not turn over. I changed the starter. Battery checked good. Fuses are good.


I was pulling out of the gas station and stopped at a red light,when the light turned green ,I tryed to take off but as I pressed the gas it went no where then it died.i tried to restart it and it wouldn't acts like its flooded and white smoke came out of the air filter.i replaced the throttle position sensor but that did nothing to if you could help me to identify the problem or give me some things to try. Thank you for your time

This has bee happening for a couple of months, thought is was throw out bearing, had new clutch kit from everything nissan put in the truck a couple of days ago and it still does the same thing when I depress and release clutch.

The vehicle was running fine, then the motor started to shake, run rough briefly, then stalled, now won't start, seems to turn over rough, tried to ground out a plug wire, no spark, any ideas

Paint is Metallic Blue. Has been falling off the truck since we purchased the vehicle in 2007. I am curious as to whether it is a factory default or not. If it is, how can i get it fixed?