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It's obviously an electrical issue but what's causing it? A couple months ago I noticed when I would turn the ignition on, the airbag light would come on for about 10 seconds and disappear. Now my door locks are rand...
I was running down the road and engine dies. Now makes a clicking noise. It will not turn over. I changed the starter. Battery checked good. Fuses are good. ANY IDEAS??????
I was pulling out of the gas station and stopped at a red light,when the light turned green ,I tryed to take off but as I pressed the gas it went no where then it died.i tried to restart it and it wouldn't start.it a...
This has bee happening for a couple of months, thought is was throw out bearing, had new clutch kit from everything nissan put in the truck a couple of days ago and it still does the same thing when I depress and rele...
The vehicle was running fine, then the motor started to shake, run rough briefly, then stalled, now won't start, seems to turn over rough, tried to ground out a plug wire, no spark, any ideas
Paint is Metallic Blue. Has been falling off the truck since we purchased the vehicle in 2007. I am curious as to whether it is a factory default or not. If it is, how can i get it fixed?
the place as suggested. have replaced cat. convert, oxygen sensor and knock sensor as indicated by smog test. need to know what is the specific drive cycle for this vehicle so engine will reset to pass smog.
can't find the petcock for draining my radiator
can't seem to find the petcock for draining this truck
Just replace the distributor and the timing was never adjusted using a timing light. I keep feeling a slight miss while accellorating.
grinding noise when driving
how can i tell the gear ratio in the rear axle
dealership said its throttle body