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I have replaced oxygen sensor,fuel filter,fuel pump,spark plugs,spark plug cables, drained gas tank,and cleaned out with injector cleaner, seafoam,booster and it stll missing. When starting it smokes gray and white ac...
A noise that sounds like missing gears happens only at about 2200 rpms. Louder on uphill. The noise is only at that point otherwise it's mostly fine. Not getting any worse, been going on for about 8 months. My mechani...
No grease in them and there's a very small gap in steering what do I need to replace
No check engine light just happened all of a sudden.
The problem occurs every time I go to release the clutch and while I am cruising in third fourth and fifth gear.
I am not a mechanic, but is this something that can be done at home with basic tools?
While driving above 40mph, my truck sometimes jerks and slightly loses power. When at a stop and idle, it begins to lower RPMs, and sometimes stalls, forcing me to restart the engine. Can the leak/loss of vacuum being...
When i start the engine there is a loud rattling sound coming from the supercharger. I also seem to be using excessive engine oil, will this cause damage to the engine if driven this way? How can i resolve this proble...
Cannot tell what position the shift is in at night
No oil in my coolant can't find where it's going
Also has anyone ever use addative to stop oil leaks, if so what kind