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So I checked the battery and alternator.and they both checked out good.
Replace pump or power steering pressure side hose?
A rough noise come from the motor runs fine when cold but starts to jump after first start up n shut off has been doing it for about a week
In the valve cover gasket and rear main seal, & oil pressure switch also need attention, but they want to first repair the valve cover gasket to correct the initial leak then address the other two issues
Heard squealing noise looked at motor belts OK but fan not moving had towed home
started up drove severa'll hundred yards stalled out and now turns over but wont start
new battery cap rotor cables
It seems that every time I park my Frontier in direct sunlight, or after it's been driven and the engine heats to normal temps, when I attempt to start it, 50 percent of the time, I will get a click. As if it were goi...
The brake lights stay on all the time. Is there a schematic I can refer to?
Was popping out of first now it won't go in but all other gears are fine.
Where can I get a replacement connector to splice into line?
Had my ac compressor replaced; they did not replace the drier. Now my air speed control only blows on on speed and under the hood is iced up (a long tube running into the back of the dash. I'm told I now must replac...