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I have tried a new switch no change.Have checked grounds under hood.
When i accelerated the truck would jolt and the rmps would start jumping more down almost like the truck was huffing
I changed the fuel filter and I can hear the fuel pump come on but no fuel could it be the main fuel relay and if so where is it located.
I got a Nissan Frontier 4X2 XE with a 4cyl engine. Could this be a senser? or just a messed up gauge. The thermostat has been replaced.
If it is a chain, do I need to change it if there is no problem with it?
the 99 Nissan frontier will start and run fine for up to approx. 10 miles. it then begins to run rough and then chokes down. we pulled over and restarted the engine, added some gasoline into the intake through the bre...
I watched the charger it showes it is charging than i hear a clock than it showes fully charged but it is not could it be a relay?
Truck is idleing ruff and accelerates ruff leading me to believe pcv valve is clogged!
I just drove it home from passing the emission test and the belt broke and truck overheated and coolant all over.
aceleration up and down
truck quit running as i was driving thought it was fuel pump got new one of those then found out needed sending unit called nissan dealer said it was on recall. had to buy part now i need the wiring harness that goes ...
I am converting my frontier from automatic locking hubs to manual locking hubs. I ordered them from warn.com, they came in today and i was starting to replace them and cant figure out what a brake cone is. Direction...
I have been haveing problems with my truck making a rattling sound as I take off. I just thought it was my exhaust but about two days ago I have been getting a winding/whining sound from my driver side front tire. I...